Wind Turbine Safety Issues


Wind energy presents an alternative energy option that is sustainable and also much safer for the health of consumers. Unlike other forms of energy, the production of wind energy does not result in the creation of dangerous and harmful emissions into the air. Wind energy is a clean and safe form of energy.

Since the concept of using wind energy to power a home, farm, or business is fairly new to most members of the public, many questions have been raised about wind energy. One of these questions is whether wind turbines pose safety concerns. Let’s look at some of these issues now.

Are Wind Farms Safe?

Wind farms are very safe, and the wind energy industry has an excellent safety record as a whole. Wind turbines have been used to generate electricity for more than 20 years, and there are more than 100,000 wind turbines in use across the world. Not one member of the public has ever been injured by the operation of a wind farm. Wind energy is a very safe, low risk form of energy.

Do Wind Turbines Have Safety Mechanisms?

Wind turbines are quite advanced, high tech pieces of machinery. Despite the extreme environment to which wind turbines are exposed as part of their function, they can be expected to last for at least 20 years. Wind turbine manufacturers adhere to international safety standards in the construction of all turbines, and there are organizations in place who are responsible for making sure that those safety standards are adhered to.

Wind turbines are constructed with integrated safety mechanisms in order to keep their operation as safe as possible. One such safety mechanism is the vibration sensor, which detects problems with the rotor. In the event of extreme wind speeds, turbines have a feature which will shut them down completely in order to prevent any damage to the turbine or danger to the public.

Are Turbines Safe for the Public?

Wind turbines are constructed to be as safe as possible for the public. Turbines are enclosed by tubular steel towers. They also have locking systems, intruder alarms, and protective fencing surrounding open switchyards.

Wind turbines are much safer than other forms of energy because they don’t create emissions. Nothing is burned in order to create wind energy.

Are Wind Turbines a Hazard to Aircraft?

Wind turbines do not pose a hazard to aircraft. There is plenty of open space between turbines, and pilots can easily avoid them. There are many other hazards, like power lines and phone lines, that are more difficult to see, yet pilots still manage to avoid them without any difficulty. Wind turbines do not pose safety risk to pilots of commercial aircraft, recreational aircraft, or crop dusters.

Do Wind Turbines Pose a Fire Risk?

The risk of fire resulting from the use of wind turbines is quite low. The components of a wind turbine that are flammable are located high above the ground, and high voltage components are underground. Every turbine has safety mechanisms to protect it from lightning, and there are control systems that will shut the turbine down completely if any component exceeds a set temperature point.

Is Lightning a Concern?

It is not unusual for wind turbines to be struck by lightning, but turbines are constructed to withstand it. Turbines have conductor rods in the blades, and the built in safety features will transfer the lightning current to the ground.

Wind energy is a safe, clean alternative to traditional power sources. If you are interested in learning more about residential, agricultural, or commercial use of wind energy, contact Windpower Technology.