Wind Energy Myths and Facts


Wind energy is growing in popularity because it is an inexpensive, reliable eco-friendly alternative to traditional power sources. However, there are still some myths about wind energy that make prospective users wary. Let us dispel these windy myths and give you the facts on wind energy.

Myth #1: Wind turbines are overrunning our farmlands.

Fact: Turbines are located in about 137 locations in the UK.  Multiplying the number of turbines by 1% would enable the UK to get 10 percent of its electricity from wind. This would still use less than 1/20,000 of the land available, and the land space between turbines can still be used for farming.

Myth #2: Wind turbines have a bad reputation.

Fact: According to recent reports, there is great support for wind energy. One study showed that 81% of people supported wind power, and 62% of people would be content to live near a wind farm.

Myth #3: Wind energy is dangerous to your health.

Fact: There is no evidence that wind energy is harmful to your health. Wind energy does not create emissions or release toxins. Wind energy has been in use for about 25 years, and there has been no evidence over that time period of health problems related to wind energy, even in regions where wind energy is in widespread use. A study is underway regarding noise emitted by wind farms, but the vibration from wind farms measures significantly lower than what is required by safety standards.

Myth #4: Wind farms are bad for property values.

Fact: Studies reveal that proximity to wind farms does not have a consistent effect on property values. Research does show that any negative impact on property values related to wind farm proximity will recover within a couple years, when the wind farm is fully operational. About 40% of property surveyors have reported that proximity to a wind farm has no effect on property values. Interestingly, a study has shown that people who live near wind farms actually really like them, and they are more supportive of wind farms than people who have not been exposed to them.

Myth #5: Wind farms deter tourism.

Fact: Wind farms are often located in rural, scenic areas, so there is some concern that they could have a negative impact on tourism.  However, studies have shown that wind farms can actually have a positive effect and encourage tourism.

Myth #6: Wind farms are dangerous to birds.

Fact: Some people have speculated that the blades on a wind turbine could be harmful to birds.  The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has examined this issue and determined that wind farms that are properly situated are not a danger to birds. Research has shown that only a miniscule percentage of migrating birds are in any danger of being harmed by wind turbines.  On the other hand, global warming has a much larger potential to cause extinction of animal species.

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