Wind Energy for Your Home Domestic Usage


Wind energy is an increasingly popular form of alternative energy. It’ a system that uses the force of the wind and changes it into mechanical energy. The mechanical energy then creates electricity. A wind energy system can save you money on your electricity bills. In fact, the amount of energy created by a wind energy system can cut your electricity costs in half. Although there is an investment required to install the equipment necessary for wind energy, the system can still be cost-effective.

Basics of a Wind Turbine

A wind turbine is the structure that is used to change the force of the wind into mechanical energy. A turbine resembles a household fan that is mounted on a tall pole. However, they work in the opposite way of a fan. The blades of a fan use electricity to create wind. A turbine actually uses the wind to create electricity. The existing wind in the air turns the propellers of the turbine, which creates mechanical force. That mechanical force is passed through a generator, which ultimately creates electricity.

Wind Energy for Residential Use

For a home wind energy system to be effective, your area must get sufficient wind. You can evaluate the wind potential in your area by checking out wind resource maps online. You need to have sufficient land space, too. A stand-alone turbine generally needs at least one acre of land but depends on your location and local factors. You must always check with local regulations regarding wind turbines before installation to make sure that turbines are permitted in your area.

Potential Output of Wind Turbines

In general, a home wind turbine can produce 400 watts to 100 kilowatts with smaller turbines sometimes used to charge car batteries or water pumps. The wind turbine installer will give you an estimate of what the turbine might produce based on local wind speeds.

Cost of a Wind Energy System

The cost of a domestic wind turbine is estimated at £1,000 to £5,000 per kilowatt. It is standard practice for renewable energy experts to recommend that when considering the cost of a turbine, you should consider the turbine’s yearly energy output rather than its kilowatt rating. When you are comparing the costs of various systems, be sure to figure in all the components, including the actual tower, turbine, shipping, taxes, installation, and labour costs. There may be associated fees for zoning and permits, as well. If your home is off the grid, you will also need to purchase an inverter and batteries to operate your wind turbine.

Don’t let the startup costs scare you off. Wind energy is an extremely cost-effective way to provide energy for your home.

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