Why Using Wind Power a Good Idea in Scotland


In Scotland, wind power is the fastest growing form of renewable energy technology. The first offshore wind farm was completed in Scotland in 2010 and there are other wind farms in operation or under construction all over this part of the UK. So why is wind power popping up all over the area? Here are several reasons wind power is a good idea in Scotland.

  • Probably the biggest reason for Scottish homeowners and business owners to invest in wind power is because the region is ideally located on the globe. Scotland holds about 25 percent of the wind resources in Europe, so it’s a great place to be when you’re talking about wind power.
  • The Scottish government is offering wind power subsidies for those who have wind turbines installed. In fact, you’ll receive additional subsidies if you decide to have the turbines installed offshore.
  • Wind power is a clean form of renewable energy, so you’ll be protecting both the environment and your pocket. Your energy costs will decrease because you’ll be producing some of your own power. Also you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint because instead of relying on the grid to supply all of your power, you’ll be using clean energy.
  • Scotland also contains a lot of rural areas, so wind power provides a way to add value and income to these agricultural areas. Farmers don’t have to give up their farmlands in order to have wind turbines installed because they take up very little space on the ground. One of the most profitable ways to utilize farmland is to have wind turbines installed amidst farmland so that the land is producing energy while it’s growing crops and even during the off-season.
  • If you produce more wind power than you use, you could sell that energy back to the grid, helping to reduce your community’s carbon footprint and also making yourself some additional income as well.
  • Wind turbines also enable you to lock in the cost of electricity at today’s prices, which is important because the cost of fossil fuels rises significantly every year. By having wind turbines installed, you create a more stable source of energy so that as the cost of fossil fuels rises, you don’t see your bill increase because you are relying more on wind power rather than the grid.
  • Wind power is also cleaner than fossil fuels, which means that the water in your area will be cleaner.  The air will also become cleaner over time, and mining and transportation will begin to shrink as the need to mine and transport fossil fuels begins to diminish.

All over Scotland, home and business owners are seeing the benefits of wind power and it’s very easy to see why. There’s plenty of wind in the region to be harnessed for clean energy that will save you a lot of money, both in the short term and the long term. When you decide that you’re ready to take the leap into wind power, speak with an expert to make sure that your property is ideally suited for wind turbines.

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