An increasing number of community groups have discovered the benefits of  renewable energy and small scale wind energy for their community. There are now hundreds of community projects across Scotland which are up and running.

‘Groups’ may be an informal collection of likeminded individuals wishing to start something in their community; or may be well-established, constituted organizations linked to a community facility (e.g. village hall or community centre) or with a wider purpose (e.g. Development Trust).

Community groups are being encouraged more and more to develop renewable energy projects:  

  • tangible benefits include job creation, increased energy security and emissions reductions
  • intangible benefits include increased confidence in the capacity of the community, improve community cohesion, invest in further community economic and social development, drive the local economy
  • the Scottish Government anticipates that onshore wind could be a key contributor to the target for 500 MW of renewables in community ownership by 2020
  • the Scottish Government funds a network of development officers covering the whole of Scotland through the Community And Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES)
  • 'to build confidence, resilience and wealth at community level in Scotland through sustainable energy development'
  • the aim is to provide communities with a range of support and advice to develop renewable energy projects from initial interest to ongoing support once projects are complete
  • there has been a rapid growth in the range and quality of renewable energy technologies available to generate heat and power
  • wind is one of Scotland’s most abundant renewable resources
  • wind turbines are one of the most proven renewable technologies
  • remember, there may be an installation near you that would be worth going to see

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