Using clean, sustainable wind energy will make a positive impact on your bottom line:

  • reduce your monthly electricity bills and your business costs
  • make your business more sustainable
  • the market for green goods and services will continue to expand
  • the transition to a low-carbon economy should ensure the UK’s long-term security and affordability of energy supply
  • despite the higher up-front cost of low-carbon generating technologies, the longer-term gains are significant
  • wide applications across all types of industry and site from a warehouse, factory, hotel, retail store, or high-traffic site such as a stadium – space is the main consideration
  • a highly visible symbol of your business' commitment to reducing your carbon footprint
  • according to a CBI report “The colour of growth”:
    • green is not just complementary to growth, but is a vital driver of it
    • significant productivity gains are being made throughout the economy as a result of resources being used more efficiently
    • there is potential for businesses to save up to £23 billion a year from improving their resource efficiency

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Commercial organizations and businesses are one of the fastest growing segments adopting green energy as part of their commercial strategy with wind power being a preferred source due to its cost efficiency and productivity.

A well sited small scale wind turbine will lead to substantial savings and increased profits - a positive investment in renewable technology for a reduced carbon footprint.

Read about real examples of wind energy and the effects it has made to people.

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