For farmers, rural landowners and businesses, wind power is the ideal renewable energy solution:

  • wind is a cost efficient and productive energy generation technology to install
  • small scale wind turbines can generate a significant income by producing electricity for specific applications (such as driving feed hoppers or ventilation for example) or the entire site
  • wind energy is compatible with other land uses - a wind turbine only takes up a small plot of land, so the surrounding farm land is not affected and can still be used for crops and grazing livestock
  • sheep, cows and horses are not disturbed by wind turbines
  • wind turbines have an operational life of around 20 years, which is on a par with traditional farming machinery
  • for many locations it can be a regular source of income, for both the generation and export of renewable energy to the national grid
  • remote areas that are not connected to the electricity grid can use wind turbines to produce their own supply
  • the return on investment is good, at around 5 years, it is surprising how quickly the site will be producing clean, sustainable energy for free!

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Temperatures in Scotland are projected to continue increasing over the next century, with hotter summers and milder winters. By the end of this century Scotland is expected to have warmer, wetter winters, less snowfall and an increased risk of flooding.

What effect will this have on your land, how you use it and the energy you need?


The Scottish Government's Land Use Strategy Progress Statement 2012 “encourages land-based businesses to take actions that reduce land based greenhouse gas emissions and that enable adaptation to climate change threats and opportunities.”  The agricultural industry is contributing to greenhouse gas emission reduction targets and maximizing opportunities through on-farm renewables generation.

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