Is wind energy suitable for me?

You simply need a suitable location – you need the natural resources (wind) and a rural location (space).

The UK has 40% of Europe’s total wind energy and benefits from some of the highest average wind speeds in Europe, making it an ideal candidate for wind energy.

Scotland has massive green energy potential. Scotland is a windy country; we have more wind, more daylight hours and more rural land than other European countries.

Rural Scotland, covering 95 per cent of the land area and 18 per cent of the population, is an integral part of the country's economy, environment and culture.

These all add up to the perfect criteria for small scale wind turbines and solar PV panels renewable options.

Why consider wind? Some wind energy facts...

Onshore wind energy presents a prime opportunity for the rural sector - residents, businesses and communities - to generate local revenue and sustain local economies. The benefits of wind energy:

  • wind energy is more attainable than ever before
  • the only thing that fuels a wind turbine is the wind – free and limitless
  • small scale wind turbines are:
    • relatively inexpensive to buy and install
    • becoming even more economic to produce as economies of scale are reached
  • make an investment for the future
  • energy prices are continuing to rise
  • wind and solar PV are sensible ways to reduce what you pay for your electricity
  • cold winter winds are denser than winds in warmer seasons, these denser winds contain more energy, so provide even more power potential when needed most
  • wind energy is clean, completely renewable, highly reliable and very efficient
  • wind energy does not produce carbon dioxide
  • wind energy does not produce any harmful water borne emissions, or toxic solid wastes
  • using wind to generate electricity will help conserve the resource of natural gas, a rapidly depleting, non-renewable resource  which is better suited for other uses such as home heating and cooking
  • the Scottish Government aims to provide 50% of Scottish electricity consumption from renewables by 2020
  • contribute to the drive towards renewable energy
  • ensure your home or business is as carbon neutral as it can be
  • return on investment
    • small scale wind has a low capital cost and a good payback period – usually around 5 years
    • many applications
      • small scale wind systems have a wide range of applications from farms and estates to commercial and public sector use
      • they can be connected to the UK’s mains electricity supply (on-grid) or used to charge your batteries (off-grid)
      • financial support - the Feed-In Tariff provides support for smaller wind farms up to 5 MW in capacity
  • reduce your energy costs
  • minimize your carbon footprint

Why consider wind and solar combined?

Due to the natural resources in the UK, and particularly in Scotland, small scale wind and solar PV make an attractive combination.

This is an effective approach as wind turbine output is higher in the winter, when Scotland is windier, complemented by solar PV output, which is highest with longer daylight hours during the spring and summer. Wind turbines also operate through the night.

As with wind, the Feed-In Tariff provides support for solar PV installations.

Altogether a smart way to ensure steady, reliable energy generation throughout the year.

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