Quality small scale wind turbines

At present, our small wind turbine of choice is the Evoco 10 wind turbine but we continually review the market to ensure our products can meet the needs of your property in terms of its size, location, and electricity requirements - as well as your budget.

The Evoco 10kW wind turbine

We chose the Evoco10 wind turbine because its manufacturer, Evoco Energy Ltd is a British company committed to the UK market.  In the Evoco 10, they have developed a beautifully designed, high performing MCS accredited small scale wind turbine.

Evoco Energy Ltd offers superb technical support to their installer network which ensures that you as one of our customers receive the service, product maintenance and after sales support that you deserve.

With an energy yield of up to 45,000 kWh per annum, equivalent to the requirements of ten average households, the Evoco 10kW is ideally suited to producing electricity for larger properties such as farms, businesses and rural residences.

To summarise its benefits:

  • it is fully certified under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS)
  • uniquely designed and has been independently tested, so is eligible for UK Feed-In Tariffs (FiTs)
  • specifically designed to reliably deliver high generation performance in harsh wind conditions
  • robust and dependable
  • it produces an energy yield with the potential to generate an income of up to £14K per annum
  • its market-leading energy performance has been independently verified by a UKAS accredited agency
  • it easily achieves a very short payback, typically in less than the 5 year warranty period
  • it comes with a comprehensive 5 year warranty
  • it has a 20 year design life conforming to the BWEA Small Wind Performance and Safety Standard

Evoco Energy is part of a successful family of companies which combined, have a 30 year trading history, a multi-million pound turnover and multinational operations, driven by a dynamic team with a track record of success - which ticked all the boxes for us