Would you like to reduce your energy costs along with your carbon footprint?

Are you...

  • concerned about the continually increasing cost of energy?
  • interested in ways you can tackle this problem?
  • wondering how to make your lifestyle or business “greener”?

… then renewable technologies and Greenpower Technology could be for you.

In addition to small scale wind turbines, there are many other complimentary renewable technologies to help you reduce your energy costs. Greenpower Technology, our sister company, can help.

What renewable technologies are available?

Renewable technologies available

Greenpower Technology offers a range of renewable technologies including solar pv, biomass, air source heat pumps, solar thermal and small scale hydro electric turbines.

We offer advice on how to best maximise their effectiveness by combining complementary technologies, to ensure energy generation throughout the year.

Why choose Greenpower Technology?

Greenpower Technology is part of Solar Technology, the sister company to Windpower Technology.

Solar Technology is a small, family company with expertise and experience in the renewable energy sector. We have built a reputation as a knowledgeable and trustworthy supplier, providing practical and honest advice. These qualities are held in high esteem by our customers.

Our emphasis is on quality: quality of products, quality of service, quality of advice.

Our approach

Greenpower Technology operates across Scotland, working with commercial and domestic sites, that are both on and off grid. We provide a free comprehensive site visit to assess your land and property and understand your objectives. And you can rely on our all inclusive quotations, with no hidden extras.

Reducing your carbon footprint and maximising your return on investment are crucial, considering energy efficiency and maximum energy generation. We lead the way in renewable technologies and we want to make them work for you. We know what we are doing and we back this up with a market leading guarantee, up to 5 years, depending on the renewable technologies you install.
Greenpower Technology can help you take full advantage of renewable technologies.

If you would like to book a site survey or want to find out more about renewable technologies and how we can help, get in touch on 0131 669 7450