Renewable Energy

The general public’s support for renewable energy is growing.

 The Department of Energy and Climate Change’s survey in September showed 77 per cent of the public wanted electricity from renewable sources, with 66 per cent supporting on-shore wind turbines.

An independent opinion poll, published by YouGov, saw a majority of the public wanting more wind farms.  Support for wind turbines, is also evident in a survey commissioned by The Sunday Times, which showed more people supported wind energy than nuclear power and fossil fuels. In fact 69% of those polled wanted current levels of wind energy increased or maintained.

Deputy Chief Executive, M. Smith, of RenewableUK said: “This is an unequivocal vote of confidence in renewable energy. A clear majority of British people support building more wind farms to meet our country’s clean energy needs. That support is consistently strong, in this and other independent polls.

“One stark message from this survey is the public’s evident disenchantment with fossil fuels, including the unpopularity of fracking for shale gas.

“The poll also shows that investing in clean energy to safeguard our environment for the future has a significantly higher level of public support than paying more and more for non-renewables like gas and oil.”

Anyone who has some spare land available might want to help increase Britain’s renewable energy and they could do this by installing a small 5 or 10 kW wind turbine. Those who do so should then benefit not only by cutting their carbon footprint, but economically too. Wind turbines are eligible for the Feed-in Tariff, whereby the government pays you for generating energy and for exporting spare energy to the national grid. On top of that, with soaring conventional electricity prices, you should achieve substantial savings on your electricity bills too. Why not contact an independent wind turbine installer and find out if this might be the right move for you.