Operations and maintenance


1. What happens if there is no wind?

With a grid connected small scale wind turbine you sell your excess generated energy to the grid. When there is no wind and therefore no power generation you will purchase back from the grid as normal.

2. What is the warranty offered?

All Evoco small scale wind turbines are offered with a 5 year limited warranty. Details are provided with quotation.

3. How often will the turbine need servicing?

The Evoco 10kW small scale wind turbines require an annual service by an accredited installer; this must be carried out to keep the warranty valid.

4. Can I service my own small scale wind turbine?

Evoco - for basic checks and maintenance, yes we can provide details on how to do this. However, during the warranty period it is recommended to have this done professionally to keep your warranty valid."

5. Will I be provided with a service and maintenance plan?

Evoco will provide you with a quote and plan for servicing your Evoco small scale wind turbine. We can also provide an in-depth plan for those wishing to carry out the servicing individually.


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