1. Can I install my own foundations?

At Windpower Technology we don't recommend this, however, if you feel you have the skill to do this with sufficient precision we will be happy to provide specifications and instructions. However, the manufacturer's warranty excludes installation and problems caused by poor installation. The rest of the installation must be performed by Windpower Technology, a qualified installer. You will need our agreement to take responsibility for your foundations to validate any warranty we provide on the installation quality.

2. Can I install the small scale wind turbine myself?

The manufacturer can supply all the equipment to carry out the full installation, including hydraulic lifting equipment. This would, however, void the warranty and make you ineligible for grant assistance and other incentives as the product must be installed by an MCS approved installer.

3. How long will installation take?

The installation is carried out in two stages, each lasting a couple of days:

Stage 1 – Foundation preparation and installation

Stage 2 – Turbine and electrical installation – Commissioning

A period of approx 14 days must be allowed in between for the foundation to cure.

4. What is the best tower type and height for me?

Evoco turbines use 12 or 15 meter towers which are raised and lowered with a hydraulic ram meaning a crane is not required.

5. What foundations are required?

A site survey will show the type of foundations required.

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